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Norwegian Gift Ideas 2014 - My Little Norway

Nov 12, 2014 . HackIt - Kitchen Gift This is a Norwegian kitchen tool designed to make separating mince meat easier. In Norway most mince meat is bought . You can use it on the floor, in prams and as a portable carrier or bed. It can fold out to make a comfy . Plastic versions are available. The flute is played by the end..

Crazy Static Electricity in Norway - My Little Norway

Feb 16, 2011 . Our floors are primarily thick look-a-like-wood vinyl with rugs only in the entrance area and in the living room, so you can imagine my dismay when I get zapped standing with bare feet on a plastic floor. When I'm at the dance studio I get zapped, not just the first time, but every time I touch the sound system

Vertical Cemetery Could Provide Norway With More Space to Bury .

Dec 16, 2013 . The Royal Danish School of Architecture student created the vertical graveyard to provide a solution to the growing demand for burial space in Norway. The tower is encased within a metal exoskeleton and it has graveyards on every floor that provide space for eternal rest in the sprawling urban sky

Mercedes Benz Showroom / Kristin Jarmund Architects | ArchDaily

Oct 28, 2008 . Formally we worked with two ideas, in which the first one was to work with dynamic curves, with each office floor offset in and out independently with its . The building is the first building in Norway of it's size to be built with Bubble-Deck, a deck system in which each concrete deck is filled with plastic balls

Scandinavian Design Group and Ctrl+N Create an Undulating .

Oct 18, 2014 . Scandinavian Design Group and Ctrl+N Create an Undulating Interactive Installation for Lundin Norway . The kinetic sculpture is composed of an array of acrylic plastic tubes extending through the floor of a two-story mechanized matrix, gracefully moving above and below the surface to evoke abstract..

Plastic Waste in the Ocean | Listen & Read | Spotlight English

Sep 18, 2016 . What happens to all the plastic waste in our world? . Plastic waste on a beach in Norway. Bo Eide, via Flickr. What happens to all the plastic waste in our world? Liz Waid and Colin .. Imagine that you are trying to clean up water from a bathroom floor. If the bath water is overflowing and both taps in the..

Peter Zumthor completes buildings for Norwegian tourist trail - Dezeen

Jun 10, 2016 . Swiss architect Peter Zumthor has built visitor facilities at a historic mine in Norway, with one structure that hangs off a wall and two raised on stilts

We're Trashing the Arctic. Literally. – Mother Jones

Feb 17, 2017 . It swirls in the waves in immense “garbage patches,” drifts downward where it's eaten by whales and turtles, and lands on the deepest sea floor to make it look . The latest evidence of worldwide junk infiltration comes from an observatory west of the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard, called HAUSGARTEN,..

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Mar 11, 2011 . It's hard living in Norway. . have to waste time with stamping my boots from snow, taking off my gloves, untieing my boots, pulling them off and resting them of the shoe rack as I step in the melting snow on the floor making my socks wet. . I guess it is like having plastic slippers for your boots indoors…lol

Norway Reaches Carbon Emissions Goal From Transportation 3 .

Jan 3, 2018 . Norway Reaches Carbon Emissions Goal From Transportation 3 Years Early, Thanks To Tesla. Facebook .. We can celebrate that electric vehicles have done most of their environmental damage when they roll off the factory floor (as long as they're powered with RE), but that's still a lot of damage. Stoli Cat..

Norwegian boathouse transformed into glowing summerhouse

Dec 15, 2015 . Koreo Arkitekter and Kolab Arkitekter have transformed an old boathouse on Norway's west coast into a summerhouse that becomes a glowing beacon by night. . But it is now almost twice as long, with a new facade that combines pine slats and sections of translucent polycarbonate plastic. By day it looks..

Oslos Colourful Solution to Waste Management « Recycling « Waste .

Jun 25, 2015 . In Norway's capital city, Oslo, source separation has been introduced using bags that effectively colour-codes the waste by type before sending it through the waste handling system. . One of the measures needed to achieve this ambitious target was the separate collection of food waste and plastic waste

TrendHome: Grete Prytz Kittelsen's Home [Norway] - Trendland

This minimalist Mid-Century style Norwegian cabin was the home of Grete Prytz Kittelsen: the “Queen of Scandinavian Design” as she often was called. Built in 70s' by well known 'Modernist' architect Arne Korsmo, the house surrounded by nature, the open space layout featured a lot of natural lights with floor to ceiling..

Exploring Norway's Fjords by Car and Boat - The New York Times

Jun 29, 2012 . An amphibious trip through Norway's fjords, searching for the harsh old country of the Vikings in a land of $20 burgers and high-end hotels. . We loaded up on sandwich ingredients, plus potato chips, chocolates, paper plates and plastic cutlery, at Rema 1000, a local supermarket at our point of departure,..

Link Arkitektur adds gabled extension to farmhouse in Norway

Apr 25, 2016 . Heating is concealed beneath recycled concrete floors and a wood burning stove sits adjacent to the dining space. Øvre Tomtegate 7 by Link Arkitektur residential gabled extension architecture Norway. Elsewhere in Norway, Link Arkitektur has created a pale timber church with a dramatic scooped roofline

Fjord-cooled data center in Norway claimed to be world's greenest

Dec 23, 2011 . Upon completion, Norway's Green Mountain Data Center will be the world's greenest server farm - according to its developers, at least. By piping cool water . Green Mountain will occupy 226,000 sq ft (21,000 sq m) spread over "3 x 2 floors of Mountain Halls", which presumably means three two-story halls

The Beauty of Norwegian Landscapes - PetaPixel

Dec 11, 2014 . Last summer I visited Norway for the second time. I had been in Oslo once before, but that was many years ago. This time I wanted to experience the famous scenery while driving through the mountains with a camper. My travels took me from Oslo to Geiranger, Dalsnibba, Trollstigen, Ålesund and..

Top 15 Norway Souvenirs and Experiences - Souvenir Finder

Sep 18, 2015 . The top 15 Norway experiences and souvenirs to remember them by-- my favorite moments in Norway and what I brought home with me, Norway's best . While there are lots of souvenir shops selling the same old plastic figurines, take some time to discover the many unique shops hidden away in its alleys..

Norway bombing: Anders Behring Breivik 'acted to save Europe from .

Jul 26, 2011 . Police eventually bundled Breivik into the building through an underground tunnel, avoiding the full fury of the crowd. He was taken into 828, on the eighth floor of the building - closed to the public to avoid giving Breivik a platform for his extremist views - at around 1.45pm for a hearing that lasted just 35..

Outrage in Norway as gravestones are covered in BLACK BAGS .

Nov 16, 2013 . Mourners visiting a cemetery in Norway have been left shocked after finding hundreds of gravestones covered in black plastic bags. Attached to each bag is a late-payment notice, warning relatives of the deceased that the headstone will shortly be removed - unless they cover the cost of the grave's upkeep