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Underway on USS America - USNI News - US Naval Institute

Aug 17, 2016 . The new amphibious USS America (LHA-6) has raised more than a few questions in its short life about its lack of a well deck. . “I can't prove it to you until we do a deployment, but I guarantee you that's going to translate to faster, more efficient movement of parts and machines to fix the aircraft,” he said

Patent US5678715 - Composite stacking frame assembly for .

Oct 21, 1997 . An intermodal shipping container including a top wall, a bottom wall, opposite side walls, and a composite frame structure including upper and lower . having metal connector assemblies used to interconnect the container with other containers or with a support surface, such as a ship deck or rail car bed

Patent WO2009157601A1 - Pipe rack as constructed using precast .

Dec 30, 2009 . The pipe rack includes at least four columns fabricated of precast concrete, arranged in transverse and longitudinal directions, and vertically installed on a . 13 is a partial cross-sectional view illustrating an example of a connection structure of a column and a transverse beam, constituent parts, of a pipe..

Patent US3812636 - Sheet metal decking unit and composite floor .

Decking Unit Requirements Sheet metal decking units intended for use in composite fioor construction have a number of requirements. ... 22 wherein corresponding numerals are employed to identify corresponding parts heretounits are identi- The stiffened edge 58' of the decking unit 44D comprises a first offset strip 91..

Patent US4788877 - Composite housing for rack and pinion power .

Dec 6, 1988 . A composite housing for a rotary valve rack and pinion power steering gear includes a pinion housing portion fabricated of a light weight first metal and valve . However, for maximizing resistance to abrasion by internal moving parts, such as elements of the rotary valve, and for minimizing potential wall..

Patent US5666897 - Submarine weapon-handling and discharge .

Sep 16, 1997 . A weapons-handling and discharge system for a submarine which comprises a rotatable rack for attachment around the exterior of the pressure hull of a . A weapons-handling and discharge system according to claim 1, wherein the canisters are made of a composite fibre reinforced plastics material. 5

Bassocontinuo Aeon audio rack review - Mono and Stereo

Getting Bassocontinuo Aeon audio rack for review trigged quite some of my endorphins reserves. And for the . We have performed the analysis stressing the deck with a seismic shaker able to create frequencies from 1Hz to 18 KHz from the distance of 1 meter. . This specific composite materials act as a system's frame

Patent US5439215 - Composite, pultruded fiberglass resinous .

Aug 8, 1995 . The handles and blades are glued together in a variety of configurations. The joint between the handle and the blade may be a tongue and grove joint or some type of socket joint. Generally these joints are reinforced to prevent breakage of a hockey stick at this point. Numerous other materials have been..

Quickboat foldable boat: From roof rack to water in 60 seconds

Jul 25, 2013 . The Quickboat set to be launched on August 1st, is a foldable boat that its creators claim can be assembled in less than a minute. Just click all the parts together and you've got a boat that you can cruise around in at speeds of up to 20 knots

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Oct 22, 2013 . This ensures electrical and firmware compatibility between the rack and modules that you guys may develop. It is important to note that the modules are enumerated on the USB bus as composite CDC (communication device) and MSC (mass storage). The CDC is used to configure the module while the..

Patent US5499904 - Vertical axis wind turbine with pultruded blades .

Mar 19, 1996 . A pultruded composite blade for a Darrieus-type vertical axis wind turbine is disclosed, along with a method for fabricating such a blade. The blade is a composite structure with a uniform cross-section with reinforcing fibers at least some of which extend parallel to a lengthwise central axis and run..

Construction: The Deck | An Eclectic Mind

Jun 2, 2015 . I already knew that I wanted composite decking — I have absolutely no desire to paint or stain or waterproof wood. I struggled for a while trying to figure out what .. He has a small trailer with a lumber rack on it that was perfect to transport the 16-foot panels. When I picked them up, I discovered that the price..

How to Replace a Dishwasher | Today's Homeowner

Applying dishwasher rack coating to rusty tines on dishwasher rack. Rusty Dishwasher Rack Repair · Joe Truini loading a dishwasher · Dishwasher Tips · Using wire from a coat hanger to clean the holes on dishwasher spray arms. Clean Dishwasher Spray Arms · Dishwasher installed · Installing a Dishwasher..

Patent US8566992 - Extendable and retractable work platform .

Oct 29, 2013 . A method and apparatus for providing an extendable and retractable work platform from a work vessel is disclosed. The apparatus is comprised of first and second platform support frames with associated decking surfaces. These support frames are configured so that second support frame may be slidably..

Patent US4372212 - Composite safe and arming mechanism for .

Feb 8, 1983 . The various parts interact with one another to provide fail-safe control. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION. The composite safe and arm mechanism of the instant invention is an electromechanical device which accomplishes two major functions: (1) safety-arming-firing for the missile's rocket motor and (2)..

Patent US5042395 - Composite vehicle body having sandwich .

Aug 27, 1991 . A rail vehicle body consisting of a support frame and sandwich parts attached thereto having an outer and an inner cover layer and supporting layer glued in between them, comprises, with a view to cost-effective fabrication and above all reduction of assembly cost, individually made body modules which..

Patent US6551039 - Auto rack rail road car with reduced slack .

Apr 22, 2003 . An auto rack rail road car has a main deck and at least one upper deck for carrying automobiles. The auto rack rail road car is provided with short travel buff gear and a reduced slack, or slackless, coupler. Bridge plates are provided to span the space between adjacent coupled rail road cars. The bridge..

Patent US20100187352 - Multi deck aircraft - Google Patents

Jul 29, 2010 . An aircraft for transporting passengers and cargo has at least one deck, connected to a fuselage airframe shell, wherein the deck has transverse arch beams, to minimize decks thickness and weight, wherein connection parts of transverse arch beams and airframe shell are hidden in overhead luggage bins..